About Us


Tayo Solar Solutions was established in 2015 as a small solar installation company. TAYO which means Quality has since grown to full capacity and is today fully trusted among the rural and urban population of Somalia due to its durable solar based energy solutions. Tayo came at time when electricity was expensive and unaffordable for many urbans and unavailable to the rural population. Our customers range from poor farmers and nomads to hotels.

Our main office and show room is in Mogadishu with branches in Balcad and Elma’an of HirShabelle and youth agents in Merka in SouthWest and Jowhar and Beletwein.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to bring resilient renewable technology solution that is reliable and affordable to the rural and urban areas of Somalia. We have a vision of seeing Somalia adapting to the current climate crises and use renewable energy in the productive sector of livestock, agriculture and fisheries.

Products Overveiw

Solar home systems provide an effective and affordable way to bring light to people without electricity. A basic system consists of a small solar panel, a battery, a charge controller, LED lights, and a universal outlet for charging cell-phones or other small appliances. The system will cost between $61 and $800. The most outstanding models are described here while the rest is described in the website, www.tayosolutions.net

Solar homes Systems

There have been portable solar kits marketed among the low income pastoralists. The kit is made to work together so that if one component fails the whole system dies as there are no parts that are replaceable. For that reason, Tayo Solutions has designed has designed portable SHS system that last longer, reliable and with parts easily available in the market when replacement components are needed. The system can serve a family of maximum 4 members with 2 mobile phones and 2 light bulbs for 6 hours.

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